Facility Solutions

Providing Facility Solutions that are safe, effective and efficient, so you can focus on your business.

We focus on understanding your unique needs and provide the best solutions that are scalable, effective from both cost reduction and product application, to create an environment that improves employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Faster, Simplified Communication

Time is money and you want simplified answers fast. We are responsive to your request, questions, or concerns. And committed to providing timely updates and accurate answers.

Effective Productivity

Productivity yields profitability when problems are solved proactively and customers’ expectations are exceeded. Our goal is effective productivity, that is the right product application and solution.


Efficient Operations

Money and time are too precious to waste. Our goal is to enhance your operations, so you accomplish your goals with the least amount of effort, minimum amount of expenditure and time.

Delivering effective products, you need with the reliable service you deserve.

You can expect Greystone to deliver products that work for your business. It has to be effective with reliable results that you expect. Our experience and product offerings are extensive so you can rest assured we have the right products, pricing and solutions. 

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Packaging Solutions

Delivering packaging and logistics strategies that work 

From custom design to cost-saving manufacturing and inventory management, Greystone delivers innovative, sustainable, packaging strategies that work. We used the best materials suited for the supply chain performance and transport. Successful delivery means on-time delivery, free of damages. Let us build and customized a solution to protect your products and your bottom line.  

Quality Engineered Packaging

Not all packaging products are created equal. We provide brand name or private label customized corrugated boxes, engineered foam packaging, utilizing specific structural properties of various foams, that protect your product integrity. 

Green Packaging Solutions

We offer eco-friendly and sustainable flexible packaging solutions. You can provide customers with the environmentally responsible packaging that many expect today. We have biodegradable products for exterior and interior packaging, void fill, an structural solutions, and we are continuously researching green packaging solutions and products that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Packaging Integrity

Your product integrity is important to our business. Our multi-faceted engineering solutions from design and manufacturing to distribution and delivery.

We offer over 35,000 products, including stretch film, tapes, sealants, edge protection, foam, air pillows, bubble rolls and bags, and protective products from brands you know and trust. Avoid product damage by choosing from the best packaging materials to protect your products, whether in storage or in transit.

Expertise in packaging performance. Technical and field sales support for reliable uptime.

We deliver more than packaging solutions with equipment and supplies tailored to your needs. We also deliver expertise and services for opportunity assessment, project planning and management, equipment maintenance and training, progress reporting, and more. We help keep your business moving.

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Consulting Solutions

Scalable solutions with reliable results.

Our consultants bring expertise that reaches far beyond supply chain integration. We are certified research analysts, statisticians, and business management, professionals. Our consulting services team brings innovative, detailed, experienced analysis and insight to each assignment. We look to increase efficiency through productivity analysis; reduce risk through risk management and reduce the overall cost by detailed cost analytics. Our goal is to reduce overall operating cost, by reducing risk, increasing efficiency, and increasing effectiveness to ensure the right product for the right application.


We provide comprehensive procurement services using our global supply chain as well as local resources. Procurement and supply management involve purchasing the goods and services that enable an enterprise to operate.  Greystone will consult with our clients to ensure good data is available to ensure an effective strategy to employ the correct solutions.

We make use of the economic analysis methods like cost-benefit analysis or cost-utility analysis.  In our procurement strategy that is developed with the client, we always assess the risk analysis of each project.  We look to achieve an ideal solution that is both scalable and results-oriented.

Inventory Management

We design customer-driven strategies relative to quantity purchasing, storage space, and delivery requirements, offering flexibility to meet your production needs while reducing inventory, operational, and administration costs.

Operational efficiency is attained by less production downtime, cost-effective purchasing, and less stored inventory. We can provide you with daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries to compliment your sales cycles and product readiness and availability.


Operational Efficiency

We are dedicated operational efficiency management consultants. We understand that our customers can procure and purchase products from a variety of vendors, but we believe product innovation and quality, coupled with customized client engagement and support is what makes the difference in the ultimate customer experience. We operate with integrity, utilizing innovative products and collaborating with the best manufacturers and distributors in the industry.

Logistics Optimization

Our logistics analytics are employed when assisting clients on their supply chain and logistics optimization through determining what are the objectives of the company, quantifiable and measurable indicators that can help reduce time and money based on specific objectives.

From objectives, modeling is used to compute specific data and variables of the company objectives, goals, and strategies. Our consultants have vast experience from some of the largest publicly-traded supply chain and logistics companies in the transportation industry.